About Us

Holmes Burrell Real Estate - Building Relationships


Holmes Burrell Real Estate was inspired by the need for a new type of real estate brokerage.
Our primary objective is to create life-long relationships with our clients while helping
navigate the nuances of today’s real estate market. Many of the technologies we have in
place are proprietary, and unparalleled. Our model could only be born from traditional
values, inspired by the needs of our clients, and carried on the back of those cutting edge
technologies. We are enthusiastic about offering superior client services, the service you
deserve, the service you should come to expect.

Our agents do not compete for business, they support each other to insure that you are always
receiving the attention you need. Real estate agents are independent contractors, but that’s
where we differ from the larger brokerages. Our Realtors respect each others business, and want
each client to be successful.  Your success is paramount to ours.

Holmes Burrell has leveraged the power of the internet in a way no other brokerage can,
that allows us to offer the highest level of exposure that can be found in the industry.  Our systems are
exclusive to Holmes Burrell, licensed to us only, and no other brokerage can say that.  No matter
where your home is physically located, we will have it on the front page of every buyers search engine.
With our offices around Marin, we have strong family roots.  We offer you the most local perspective. We know the trails, the waters,
commutes, farmers markets, just ask, we are happy to share our local experience.
Our online tools allow us to carry our offices everywhere we go. We have teams and systems in place to make each transaction a fluid one.
Whether you need to sign while at work, or while out of town, we know how to get the job done.